Observer Core Pattern implementation.


Interface Summary
IClock Abstract definition of a Clock
IWidget Abstract definition of a Widget e.g.

Class Summary
AnalogClock Concrete implementation of IClock of type Analog
AntiqueClock Antique Clock is introduced as example use-case where you want to target as Observer a third-party library for which there is no access to its source code and therefore it can't be modified to implement IObserver i.e.
AsynchronousSubject<E> Implementation of ISubject that notifies Observer instances from separate threads of execution.
DigitalClock Concrete implementation of IClock of type Digital
Example Startup Main for the Observer Pattern Example code
ObserverProxy<E> Implementation of IObserver interface that acts as a Proxy to any plain non-Observer class type.
ParameterlessSubject Convenience ISubject implementation for cases where the event has no IEventData associated
Subject<E> Base core implementation of ISubject interface.

Package Description

Observer Core Pattern implementation.


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