What is PerfectJPattern?

PerfectJPattern is a reusable library of fully or partially componentized implementation of known Design Patterns. The aim is to avoid or at least minimize the amount of code required to include a Design Pattern in your application design and code. PerfectJPattern focuses on providing implementations that are context-free.


Why yet another Design Patterns library?

In the web you will find plenty of example code, UML, descriptions and even small demonstration applications of Design Patterns, but there really isn't any componentized reusable and context-free library of Design Patterns that will fit any application-context, at least not for the Java platform.


What does PerfectJPattern buy me?

PerfectJPattern's primary focus is reusability and high quality:

  • Context-free Design Patterns ready to use, lets you focus more on designing than implementing.
  • Strict separation of API vs. Implementation.
  • Strict code conventions automatically reviewed with Checkstyle.
  • Automatic quality assessment reports e.g. FindBugs, PMD, JDepends, Checkstyle.
  • Over 95% source test coverage.
  • Quality documentation + examples.