Quick Start

This guide will help you create an empty Java project that uses PerfectJPattern within minutes. This same procedure can also be used to get all the needed dependencies at once, then configure your actual existing project to use them.

Install Maven

Download and install Maven 2

Creating the Project

To create a new empty project use the Archetype plugin:
				$MAVEN_HOME/bin/mvn archetype:generate		
From the multiple project template choices, choose the default "maven-archetype-quickstart". You will then have to specify the details of your project say e.g.
  • groupId = client-demo
  • artifactId = client-demo
  • version = 1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • default package = clientdemo
A new project named "client-demo" will be created.

Add dependency to PerfectJPattern

Open the pom.xml created under "client-demo" and add dependency to PerfectJPattern.


At this point you can use Maven 2 to build your project, PerfectJPattern and all transitive dependencies will be automatically downloaded to your local repository, usually $HOME/.m2/repository:
				$MAVEN_HOME/bin/mvn install		

Generate IDE files

To generate files for your new "client-demo" project, choose one of the commands below depending on your preferred IDE.

For Eclipse use:
				$MAVEN_HOME/bin/mvn eclipse:eclipse -DdownloadSources=true	
For IntelliJ IDEA use:
				$MAVEN_HOME/bin/mvn idea:idea -DdownloadSources=true	
You can then import the generated project files into the specific IDE. The required dependencies will be listed under your project "Referenced Libraries".